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Disposable Barrier Sleeves

It’s vital to use single-use items to prevent cross-contamination. As you think about crown and bridge procedures and emergency treatments, Premier offers Sleeve-It™ disposable barrier sleeves and Solo Diamond® pre-sterilized premium diamond burs.

Sleeve-It™ disposable barrier sleeves provide proven protection against cross-contamination. Made from high-grade durable material, Sleeve-It barriers have passed extensive testing1 to ensure patient safety.

Easy to use, Sleeve-It barriers slide over syringe dispensers and feature a pre-cut opening to pass through the dispensing tip. 

Ideal for multiple-use dispensers that cannot be reprocessed using heat-sterilized or high-level disinfectants, Sleeve-It barriers add convenient infection control for each new patient per FDA, CDC and OSHA recommendations.2*

Solo Diamond pre-sterilized premium burs are ready to go right out of the package and engineered to provide a superior cut. That means ideal workflow efficiency. Every patient. Every time.



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1. Viral penetration: ASTM F 1671 Synthetic blood penetration: ASTM F 1670 Resistance to puncture: ASTM F 1342 Tear resistance: ASTM D 1004 Tensile testing: ASTM D 882 Biocompatibility: ISO 10993:-5, ISO 10993:-10, ISO 10993:-12 / 2. Data on file. / * IPAC Checklist for Dental Practices-Core Elements, 1st Revision: July 2019 follows FDA recommendation regarding use of a new barrier before each patient on multiple-use dental dispenser devices that cannot be sterilized.


Help prevent cross-contamination!

Infection Control

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Premier Dental Sleeve-It Disposable Barrier Sleeves
Premier Dental Sleeve-It Disposable Barrier Sleeves
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100 Series
9011501 100 Series (Fits 0.7 - 3.0ml syringe)
Contains: 300 bariier sleeves

200 Series
9011503 200 Series (Fits 5ml dual-barrel syringe)
Contains: 300 barrier sleeves



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  • Protection against cross-contamination
  • Passed extensive testing1 to ensure patient safety 
  • Easy to use

Available in two sizes: 100 and 200 series

Solo Diamond®  
Premium Diamond Burs

Following Premier’s quality standard, Solo Diamond® has been engineered to provide a superior one-time cut. Because each Solo Diamond is pre-sterilized, you’re ready to go right out of the package. That means ideal workflow efficiency. Every patient. Every time.

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Solo Diamond® 
Premium Diamond Burs

Never a dull moment™
And no wasted ones either.

Never a dull moment™

Solo Diamond - Dentistry Today Top 100 Products 2019 logo
Premier Dental Solo Diamond Premium Diamond Burs
  • Gamma-sterilized to reduce cross-contamination risks.
  • 5-year pouch seal integrity validation on every Solo Diamond®.
  • Wide variety of clinical shapes and diamond grits.
  • Manufactured and sterilized in the U.S.A.
  • Stop guessing about worn diamonds and feel the difference cutting with a sharp, new Solo Diamond.
  • Eliminate unnecessary bur blocks and simplify bur management with sterile, easy-to-read sealed diamond pouches in convenient boxes of 25.
  • Order Solo Diamond from your favorite dental supplier today!

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