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Grade C Machine Operator


This is an entry level position which requires no previous experience. After an initial instruction period, the employee at this level must be able to perform accurately, rapidly and safely the following:

• Operate the following equipment:
– Cutting machine
– Stamping or forging machine
– Knurling machine
– Bending machine
– Drill press machine
– Polishing machine
• Load, run and unload the dual spindle turning and/or turret lathes. Also, check parts for correct dimensions using dial calipers. Change tool bits on the turning lathes when needed and set machines to required dimension. Set-up lathes for new turnings including changeover for different material sizes.
• Load, run and unload the centerless grinder. Also, check parts for correct dimensions using micrometers.
• Load, run and unload the electropolishing tank.
• Load, run and unload the sanding machine.
• Load, run and unload parts and media from the vibratory finishing machines.
• Operate the plastic injection molding machines including maintaining the correct level of raw materials needed to operate.

The employee working at this level is not necessarily required to perform all of the aforementioned functions but is expected to be proficient at those skills applicable to the teams in which the employee is assigned and to show the ability and willingness to learn all of the jobs listed. Also, the work is not limited to the listed tasks as other duties may be necessitated by change or condition.

At a minimum, a high school diploma is required for this position.

Contact Karen Giannone if interested, or if you need more information.