A low experience position where an employee ensures machinery is set up, works properly, and conforms with (and can produce materials that conform with) company quality, quantity, and safety standards.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
∙ None.

∙ Must be able to perform all the duties of an Operator and the following (as required):
o Sets up and operates tools according to instructions, specifications, and standard charts.
o Studies blueprints, work orders, and other specifications to ensure the proper setup sequence is followed.
o Selects, places, and secures tools.
o Places and secures work pieces in proper machine table, holding device, or other appropriate surface using clamps and wrenches.
o Prepares fixtures and feeding devices, starts machine, and engages feed.
o Observes each machine to verify quality performance.
o Verifies measuring instruments such as gauges, calipers, and micrometers are in proper working order.
o Sets and adjusts necessary controls to regulate machines.
o Sharpens tools with bench grinder as needed.
∙ Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Abilities:
∙ Thorough understanding of mechanics and other properties of machines.
∙ Ability to follow written instructions, diagrams, and blueprints.
∙ Ability to follow proper safety protocols.
∙ Ability to determine whether machinery is working properly based on specifications for expectations such as fixtures, cutting speeds, or feed rates.
∙ Must be able to complete paperwork accurately and legibly.
Education and Experience:
∙ High school diploma or equivalent required; technical/vocational school diploma highly preferred.
∙ At least 5 years of experience as a machine operator required.

Physical Requirements:
∙ Must be able to work in noisy environments.
∙ Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times.
∙ Must be able to bend, stretch, squat, and climb to access all parts of the machine.
∙ Must be able to tolerate manufacturing process odors.

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