Course Description:

It is time to implement new clinical approaches that will SAVE lives! Dental care can never be the same again! With increased evidence that the presence of oral disease can significantly impact a person’s overall health, dental professionals must enter treatment rooms with a different approach to treating patients. We have moved from focusing on just teeth and gums to serving in the role of saving lives. The days of watching dental disease are a thing of the past. It’s time to stop, drop old philosophies, and roll with comprehensive care.

We must now focus on utilizing advanced periodontal therapies and tests that will enable us to identify individuals at risk for numerous systemic diseases and provide individualized care that will return them to health. Successful practices will implement the systems they learn in this course and will experience exponential practice growth while making an impact in their patients’ lives.

This course will enhance attendee’s knowledge on the latest research on the oral systemic link, will review advanced periodontal protocols that can lead to improving oral health, and will challenge dental professionals to create collaborative relationships with the medical community. Attendees will leave motivated to make a greater impact on the lives of the patients they serve on a daily basis.

  • Identify oral bacteria linked to systemic diseases and learn how to combat these in order to create a healthy balance in the mouth
  • Identify patients who are at increased risk for inflammation through the integration of salivary testing and learn how to utilize results in providing effective patient care
  • Manage successful systems that will lead to a comprehensive assessment techniques that will lead to individualized treatment recommendations
  • Differentiate between current periodontal therapies to determine and implement best treatment options for patients
  • Maintain ethical principles that will guide treatment decision making
  • Recommend products that will promote gingival health, strengthen teeth, and control disease in the mouth
  • Create a bridge between the medical and dental communities in promoting overall health
Lisa Maisonet, RDH, PHDHP, EFDA, CDA received her AAS degree in Dental Hygiene from Montgomery County Community College and a BS degree from PA College of Technology. Lisa is currently enrolled in a Master’s Program in Adult Education at Penn State University. Further, she is a certified Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and is an adjunct Faculty in the Dental Hygiene Program at Montgomery County Community College.

As the Director of Operations/Consultant for her current employer, Lisa guides 13 separate practices in designing systems that focus on prevention in patient care. She also provides her team with training opportunities that allow them to implement new products and technologies in complimenting patient outcomes. Although she is busy in her role, she makes it a point to jump into patient care in order to satisfy her desire to make a difference in patient’s lives.

Currently she serves as President of the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association and loves to help push the profession of dental hygiene forward.