Course Description:

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research dental caries remains the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults, even though it is highly preventable. Dental professionals must take action in changing the oral environment from a diseased to healthy state. This course will empower participants with the knowledge necessary to implement effective early intervention protocols within their practice settings.

  • Identify patients who would benefit from being placed on effective preventive protocols
  • Gain a thorough understanding on recommending therapeutic doses of products containing 100% xylitol
  • Understand the importance of amorphous calcium phosphate in strengthening enamel
  • Identify products that will aid in balancing mouth pH
  • Recognize the importance of serving in a preventive role
This course will utilize a power point presentation to guide participants on creating individualized protocols to meet patient needs. Several videos will be integrated to allow participants to gain knowledge on how to work in preventive counseling during a visit. Before ending the course, attendees will have the opportunity to create a preventive protocol utilizing the knowledge gained throughout the course.
Lisa Maisonet, RDH, PHDHP, EFDA, CDA received her AAS degree in Dental Hygiene from Montgomery County Community College and a BS degree from PA College of Technology. Lisa is currently enrolled in a Master’s Program in Adult Education at Penn State University. Further, she is a certified Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and is an adjunct Faculty in the Dental Hygiene Program at Montgomery County Community College.

As the Director of Operations/Consultant for her current employer, Lisa guides 13 separate practices in designing systems that focus on prevention in patient care. She also provides her team with training opportunities that allow them to implement new products and technologies in complimenting patient outcomes. Although she is busy in her role, she makes it a point to jump into patient care in order to satisfy her desire to make a difference in patient’s lives.

Currently she serves as President of the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association and loves to help push the profession of dental hygiene forward.