Vacu Blast®

Vacu Blast®


A powerful enzymatic liquid evacuation system cleaner with a refreshing eucalyptus scent.

Vacu Blast® metered-dose bottle makes it easy and economical to use in each operatory to keep your dental evacuation systems operating at peak performance.

Premier’s Vacu Blast® boasts some of the follow benefits to help ensure cleanliness and safety for staff and patients at your dental practice or organization:

  • Economical, easy to use metered-dose bottle.
  • Compatible with amalgam separators.
  • Anti-corrosive.
  • Non-foaming.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Use with or without an atomizer.
  • Environmentally friendly & EPA Approved.
  • Phosphate- and chlorine-free.

To learn more about our line of dental evacuation system cleaners and other Premier Dental products, be sure to contact one of our dental industry experts today; we’re happy to assist. We want our customers to know that we promise to go the extra mile, every time.


9011107 Vacu Blast Bottle (32 fl oz – 946ml)

Each bottle yields 64 treatments.