Enamel Microabrasion System

PRĒMA® Enamel Microabrasion Compound is a patented acid-abrasive formulation used to correct superficial white, brown or multi-colored “dysmineralization” enamel defects. Fluorosis is one example of such dysmineralization. PRĒMA creates a plaque and acid-resistant surface resulting from it’s “glazing” ability on superficial enamel.1, 2, 3, 4

PRĒMA compound is applied with a 10:1 gear reduction contra-angle, on a low-speed handpiece, in a controlled manner, to safely remove an insignificant and unrecognizable amount of superficial enamel.

Enamel microabrasion, analogous to dermabrasion on skin surfaces, does not recognizably alter enamel surface contours; however, it does permanently eliminate many developmental enamel coloration defects which do not penetrate deeply into the enamel surface. The compound is an ideal suspension of specially formulated fine abrasive powder, a mild concentration of hydrochloric acid, in a water soluble gel.

Enamel microabrasion is different from bleaching techniques and is much more conservative than preparing the enamel and restoring the tooth with resin-based composite or porcelain veneers. However, in some cases, a combination of enamel microabrasion and tooth bleaching gives the most ideal tooth color correction.


17 year-old with chief complaint of “brown and white spots on my front teeth.”


PRĒMA is placed upon tooth surface, after rubber dam application.


PRĒMA suspension compressed with side flutes, upon the central incisor labial surfaces, at very slow speed, with a 10:1 ratio gear reduction contra-angle.


Tip of PRĒMA polishing cup completes slow speed microabrasion of both tooth surfaces.


PRĒMA suspension rinsed away with water spray.


Enamel Pro® fluoride topical gel, on a cotton swab, used to fluoridate surface after microabrasion is completed. ENAMELON® Preventative Treatment Gel is also ideal for this purpose.5


Post treatment view, immediately after enamel microabrasion using PRĒMA Microabrasion Compound.

Developed by Dr. Ted Croll

5. Croll TP, DiMarino JC. Review of Contemporary Dentifrices. RDH, 34(9): [Suppl] Sept 2014.
PRĒMA® Enamel Microabrasion Kit, Contains:
  • 4 – 1.2ml PRĒMA® Syringes
  • 20 – Polishing cups
  • 20 – Syringe tips
  • 4 – Mandrels
9008010PRĒMA® Enamel Microabrasion Kit

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PRĒMA® Enamel Microabrasion Kit