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IntegraCem – Dual-cure Resin Cement

  • Easy Technique
    IntegraCem’s low viscosity and thin film thickness allows excess cement to vent evenly for precise marginal fit. After a 10-sec. light-cure (halogen), easily remove cement flashing.
  • Ideal for “Bonded” Amalgam
    IntegraCem dental adhesive cement has superior bond-strength to all surfaces, especially metal. Formulated to chemically bond to fresh amalgam, IntegraCem will eliminate sensitivity and permanently seal all restorative margins.
  • Dual-Cure with Anaerobic Accelerator1 Posts can be stabilized immediately by light-curing; IntegraCem’s anaerobic accelerator guarantees complete curing even at the bottom of the post preparation.
IntegraCem Kit, Contains:
  • 1 – 4g Base
  • 1 – 4g Catalyst
  • Mixing Pads
  • 10 – Spatulas
3001410 IntegraCem Kit