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Two Striper®
Ultra-Premium Diamond Burs

When it comes to diamond burs, quality is everything. It means better performance, faster cuts and less chair time. It also means seamless workflow, predictable results, happier patients and a more profitable office. Whether its premium or ultra premium burs, Premier's got you covered. Discover why these tools set the diamond standard for value in burs — and leave those “bargain” burs to the less discerning.



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®Two Striper and P.B.S are registered trademarks and ™ TSZtech is a trademark of the product manufacturer, Abrasive Technology, Inc. / U.S. Patent 5,511,718 / 1. SDM Data 2019.



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Premier Two Striper Dental Burs
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Whether you need to remove, access or adjust a cemented all-ceramic restoration, Two Striper® TSZtech™ diamonds are undeniably proven to cut and finish cooler and faster.

  • Proprietary P.B.S.® process – special micron size & select grade of tough diamond crystals
  • Unique smaller, fine grain diamond crystals – provide increased diamond density on the tip
  • Cuts cooler and faster –more efficient, greater patient comfort
  • Undeniably proven – ideal for shaping and grinding lithium disilicate and zirconia

Solo Diamond®  
Premium Diamond Burs

Following Premier’s quality standard, Solo Diamonds® have been engineered to provide a superior one-time cut. Because each Solo Diamond is pre-sterilized, you’re ready to go right out of the package. That means ideal workflow efficiency. Every patient. Every time.


Find My Bur

Want to replace your current bur with its Two Striper® ultra-premium or Solo Diamond® premium diamond equivalent? Use our easy converter tool:

Why your colleagues choose Two Striper® and Solo

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The P.B.S. Braze Difference

Recognized as the best bonding system in the industry, the P.B.S.® brazing process maximizes the exposure of diamond-cutting surfaces — especially at the areas of the instrument where most cutting occurs. Crystals, placed evenly and precisely in a uniform matrix, are fused to a surgical-grade stainless-steel shank. This ensures a precise, faster, cooler cutting performance. It also ensures that crystals won’t fall out, so your Two Striper burs will stay sharp longer and require fewer replacements over the course of the year. Now that’s quality … and quality equals value.

Two Striper - Dental Diamond Burs
Premier Dental - Dental Diamond Burs

P.B.S.®-Bonded Two Striper

“Two Stripers cut fast, cool and efficiently so I can perform my procedures on teeth very predictably—and with a lot less hand fatigue. Two Striper is our only go-to… it’s really the best diamond in the world.”

– Scott C. Dickinson, DMD

“The Two Striper diamond is the fastest diamond in the industry. I’ve used every diamond brand and Two Striper allows me to perform dentistry quickly and effectively—and without having to change diamonds often.”

– Wilson J. Kwong, DMD

“I find Two Striper diamonds to be the most effective diamonds. Their cutting ability—which is quick and smooth—is superior to any other diamonds. Plus, they last longer so I can use them on a number of teeth without having to change a diamond.”

 – Shalom Mehler, DMD

– Lori Trost, DMD

“I’ve used a lot of diamonds and I choose Two Striper because I can rely on its durability, efficiency and predictability. It enables excellent margin delineation creation and that translates to creating very good impressions and patient outcomes."

Premier Dental Find My Bur

TSZtech™ Diamonds

Talk about "Burs-atility!"

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TSZtech™ Diamonds

Talk about "Burs-atility!"

Beware the cost of “bargain” burs.

  • Cuts faster & cooler – less chair time, happier patients
  • Stays sharp longer – than 'bargain' diamonds
  • Proprietary P.B.S.® process – diamonds stay sharper & stay put!

Don’t be fooled by ‘bargain’ burs!

Premier PBS Bonded Two Striper vs. Electroplated


Two Striper®
Diamond Burs

Solo Diamond® 
Premium Diamond Burs

Two Striper - #1 Multi-use Bur

Two Striper diamond burs are distributed by Premier Dental

“Because advancement rate and load are interrelated (in general, the application of higher loads should lead to more rapid advancement), combining the two parameters provides an overall indicator for the ease of advancement of the rotary cutting instrument inside the substrate. Indeed, a significant difference was found between the Two Striper and the other rotary cutting instrument groups.”

Rate of advancement of 5 different groups shown for 8 cuts. Rate showed decreasing trend with increase in cut number when averaged over all groups.

Premier Dental Two Striper Performs Better

The Experts Prove Two Striper is Best!

Premier Dental Two Striper is Faster!
Premier Dental Two Striper is Faster - chart legend

 * J Prosthet Dent 2014;111(1):53-63. Used with permission. / ®Brasseler, Neo, SSW Piranha and SS White are not trademarks of Premier.

Two Striper: Better Value = Dentist’s #1 Choice1

Never a dull moment™

All diamond brands are not created equal

Never a dull moment™

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Two Striper Diamonds Evaluated…

and scores BIG!

Two Striper Dental Product Shopper Evaluation

Every dentist who participated in this evaluation said they would recommend the Two Striper burs to other dental professionals and purchase them in the future.

The evaluation commended Two Striper for:

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  • Efficiency and Speed of Substrate Removal
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Increased Efficiency of Procedure

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