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A superior sectional matrix system is here! 

The new Premier® X5 is the game-changing system featuring strong proprietary resin rings — which help deliver the same great results as metal rings, at a fraction of the price.

When it comes to Class II restorations, this “X” factor delivers in three key ways: Reliability. Convenience. Value. 

There’s never been a better time to make the switch to X5 and save without compromising quality results. Try X5 now — FREE — and see for yourself why it’s time to make the switch.

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Try X5 for yourself!

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Premier X5 Sectional Matrix System
Premier X5 Sectional Matrix System Intro Kit Components

Premier X5 Sectional Matrix System®

The X5’s proprietary, high-performance resin rings go toe-to-toe with metal rings — and are autoclavable up to 5 times — but engineered at a “disposable” cost. This key difference gives you:

  • Reduced stress over lost or damaged rings
  • More ring availability for your practitioners
  • Greater profit margin on Class II restorations

The “X” Factor

The Perfect Fit

Tofflemire-type retainers are intended for use with amalgam. This can leave poor contacts and cause patient discomfort when working with composite. 

That's why the X5 System is designed to:

  • Enable precise contours with anatomically shaped bands
  • Deliver perfectly tight contacts, every time
  • Be easy to use compared to Tofflemire retainers

Ready for the "X" factor"?

Request your free sample and try X5 for yourself, right now.

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X5: A superior sectional matrix system is here!

Case Study of the Premier X5 Sectional Matrix System®

per ring!


X5 Matrix System comparison chart
X5 Matrix System comparison chart

Reliability. Convenience. Value.
Premier X5 Sectional Matrix System®