In 2013, Clark County Dental Health Initiative was honored for Excellence in Public Health. They were one of the community programs to receive the “Model Practice Award” and they have now published a “how-to” guide on the Implementation of a Fluoride Varnish Application Program.

The Clark County Dental Health Initiative began in January 2008 and was designed to reduce tooth decay in the children of Clark County. Tooth decay is the most common disease during childhood and can affect overall health status: including quality of life, illness, chronic disease and nutrition. In 2008, 50% of the sixth graders in Clark County public schools had tooth decay. For five years, volunteer dentists, hygienists and community members have gone into the schools twice a year and applied dental fluoride varnish to children in preschool through fifth grade. After five years of applying Premier Enamel Pro Varnish, the decay rate for sixth graders is down 11%. That equals a 78% decrease in just five years!

“The success of the Clark County Dental Health Initiative is due to the incredible cooperation between the community stakeholders in this project. The Clark County Health Department, the Clark County Community Foundation, Premier Dental Products Company, participating schools, dental teams from the Winchester/Clark County Dental Society and scores of community volunteers were in sync from the first moment. Dropping the decay rate in Clark County’s children was our common goal and I have never seen such commitment to reach that goal. Volunteerism is alive in Clark County and this truly is a Community Award,” said Rankin D. Skinner DMD, Project Director for the Clark County Dental Health Initiative.

“…. This project is a model of cooperation between the public and private sectors to improve the oral health of our children. The Clark County Health Department is honored to have played a role in the success that has been achieved,” said Scott Lockard, Public Health Director (Clark County Health Department).

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