Premier’s 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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As an FDA-compliant manufacturer of Class I and Class II dental/medical devices, we provide support services, including finishing operations and packaging. We maintain complete traceability and device-history records for every lot we process.

  • Our expertise in high-tolerance machining and injection molding will provide you with exceptional quality. Decades of in-depth knowledge of processing surgical-grade stainless steels, titanium, aluminum, nitinol and other specialized metals insures that your request, if required, will meet elevated standards of compliance. Our metal handling processes include various shaping and polishing methods for a variety of applications.
  • Automated assembly and packaging are available for selected items, to help insure process repeatability. Our Manufacturing and New Product Development teams can offer expertise to bring new product ideas from concept to a market-ready package.
  • We look forward to meeting the challenges of your next specialized request. If interested in a consultation, please call 215-676-9090.
  • Our experience in metallic processing includes machining, forging, sharpening, brazing and polishing of various metals.
  • Forming and processing is also accomplished with a variety of custom-forming dies and automated bending devices designed in-house for specific customer needs.
  • Plastic processing is supported by our molding units and cleaning procedure.
  • Automated packaging is available for finished product requests.

Our processes are controlled to manufacture a variety of standard and medical grade materials such as:
  • 303 SS
  • 304 SS
  • 316 SS
  • 440A SS
  • Nitinol
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • ABS and Radel
We specialize in molded plastics and custom metal designs. Your identification, depending on surface and location, can be stamped or laser-marked. Standard shapes are available as off-the-shelf designs. Custom requests may also require start-up development costs and volume commitments.
T-LOC Triple Tray
Our designs have very thin, loose webbing which will not distort when the patient closes. The superior performance of our trays, combined with today’s very accurate materials, provides an ideal impression in an easy technique.
Goldman-Fox DE
We have the ability to produce precision-measuring of 1mm FDA-approved, color-coded increments up to 12mm.
Composite Polishing System
Designed with a safe-center which protects composite surface and is thin and flexible to conform to tooth anatomy. 4 color-coded grits quickly slip on to supplied mandrel. Two sizes – 1/2” for greater efficiency, 5/16” for control in gingival areas.

Can be used at 10,000 rpm to 15,000 rpm.

Ultrasonic Inserts
Big Easy Implant Ultrasonic Insert
Precision engineered for optimal performance and extended wear and are compatible with all magnetostrictive handpieces.
Hollow & Solid Handle Instrumentation
PS 7/8
All instruments are available in various tips and handle styles. Standard offering includes Hygiene, Periodontal, Operative and Surgical.
Reusable LOOP Electrodes
Non-conductive shaft insulation, precision-shaped wire fabrication and rigorous quality control, including high-pot testing are featured in the manufacture of this product line.
Gynecologic Sampling Instrumentation
Finely crafted, miniaturized cutting surfaces anatomically positioned to allow efficient tissue sampling with minimal trauma. Premier has long-standing expertise in the sampling of delicate mucosal surfaces.
Cervical and Uterine Dilators
Ability to design and manufacture popular and specialized instruments from a variety of materials.
Cannula Instruments
Example of the capability to produce complex instrumentation requiring machining of precision-crafted components, metal brazing, custom molded parts, and hand-assembly.
Molded Products
Using a variety of plastics molded into diverse shapes and sizes for both operative and diagnostic purposes.
Tracheostomy Tubes
Metal-forming, brazing, and polishing are key production steps involved in the manufacturing of this popular line.