Return Merchandise Policy

Premier will accept for return previously purchased merchandise which is suitable for resale. Merchandise suitable for resale requires current labeling, non-soiled packaging and current product configuration and specification.

We cannot accept the following medicaments back into stock for credit: Enamel Pro, Enamelon, Ziroxide, Topicale, Glitter, Hemodent, RC-Prep, Tastytooth, Tize-It!, Unit-dose applicators.

  • Products with expiration dates that allow less than six months future shelf life will not be accepted for return.
  • Special order merchandise is not returnable and their production may include up to a +/- 10% overrun/underrun.
  • Discontinued items are not suitable for resale and therefore not returnable for credit.

Credits for Returned Merchandise

Amounts credited for return merchandise may be adjusted for the following reasons. Premier reserves the right to apply additional charges at any time. Clinically contaminated product must be sterilized prior to return.

Full Credit 15% Restocking Charge
Within 60 days* & documented**
After 60 days* & documented** or not
Non-documented & re-saleable
Medicaments* Not returnable Not returnable
Merchandise with less than 6-month shelf life Not returnable Not returnable
Defective merchandise within 30 days*
“Special order” Merchandise Not returnable Not returnable

* “days” refers to number of days after the invoice date. | ** “documented” refers to proof of purchase, e.g. the invoice/packing slip.

Premier reserves the right to adjust any customer’s debit memos which do not conform to our published terms, conditions and policies.


Claims for lost or damaged shipments should be immediately filed with carrier. Claims for overages, shortage and/or internal damages must be made to Premier within 10 days of receipt of goods and documented.

Doctor’s Returns

Merchandise returned from a doctor through a dealer (requires a written explanation for return), doctor’s name, address and phone number.