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Gary Charlestein – Chairman
Julie Charlestein – President & CEO
Steven Hayman – Chief Operating and Financial Officer
Kevin J. Brown – Senior Vice President, Medical Products Division
Cara Braslow – Vice President of Corporate Regulatory Affairs
Asad Tanvir – General Manager, Premier Medical Manufacturing
Karen Giannone – Director of Human Resources


Chris Helle – Chief Marketing Officer
Bill McHale – Senior Vice President, Product Development
Joe Simon – Vice President, International
Alan Kegerise – Vice President Sales, Premier Dental Products, North America
John Whitner – Vice President, Corporate Branding and Digital Marketing
Jason Goodchild, DMD – Director of Clinical Affairs
Aarti Rege, PhD – Director of Project and Relationships Management
Vicky Nemzer, PhD – Vice President, New Product Development
Bora Kilicoglu, PhD – Product Manager

Ann Coyne – Product Manager
Larry Pijanowski – Product Manager
Carol Landis – Senior Product Manager
Gina Kehagias – Key Accounts Manager
Lillian J. Caperila – Manager, Professional Education


Kevin J. Brown – Senior Vice President, Medical Products Division
Genard McCauley – Sales Manager
Toni Banet – Marketing Services Administrator


Tadd Zettlemoyer – Director of Operations


Joe Simon – Vice President, International
Lisa Hughes – Marketing Manager
Metin Yasin – Director of International Sales


Amy Wallace – Accounts Receivable Specialist
Don Slesinski – Controller