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Dr. Shalom Mehler on using Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel


Premier Dental speaks to Dr. Shalom Mehler about his own experiences using Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel

Premier: How did you get introduced to Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel?

Dr. Mehler: My introduction to Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel began by accident. I received sample tubes of the gel at a time when I was personally experiencing generalized sensitivity in my mouth of a type and intensity I had never seen previously in almost 30 years of practice. I literally could not touch my toothbrush to certain regions of my mouth without feeling extreme sensitivity bordering on pain. I began using Enamelon only because it was a sample I had received, having no idea that it was effective for sensitivity. I did not read the directions for use, assuming it was yet another anti-caries toothpaste on the market.

Premier: What was your experience after using Enamelon?

Dr. Mehler: After two weeks of using Enamelon I realized that my sensitivity and pain was quickly receding. It took a few days more to fully comprehend that after months of this sensitivity, the only thing that changed in my daily routine was the fact that I was using Enamelon.

I investigated the product by contacting Premier and requesting literature in order to confirm that Enamelon was the reason for the relief I was experiencing. I learned that due to ACP (amorphous calcium technology), stabilized stannous fluoride as well as other additives, the gel is able to offer “two times greater fluoride uptake and three times greater prevention in reduction of enamel solubility, with 80% less fluoride than 5000 ppm fluoride toothpastes.” The end result of this is sensitivity relief through tubular occlusion.

Premier: How are you using the product?

Dr. Mehler: What I wish to stress is that I was personally able to achieve this relief while using the gel and not following the instructions properly. I was simply using Enamelon as a regular toothpaste. This means I did not use my usual toothpaste prior to brushing with Enamelon and I was rinsing my mouth with water afterward.

These two things are contrary to the Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel instructions for use; which are to first use one’s regular toothpaste, then rinse and spit. Next, the instructions recommend brushing with Enamelon and leaving the foamy gel in the mouth for a full minute. Lastly, expectorate with no final water rinsing.

Premier: Did you notice any additional tooth staining when you started using Enamelon??

Dr. Mehler: When I was first using Enamelon exclusively and not according to the product directions, there was more staining than usual. I did not realize that the gel is non-abrasive and specifically designed to be gentle on the teeth. However, since I’ve been following the instructions provided, I have not noticed any additional tooth staining. I want to again stress that it is important to use your own toothpaste prior to brushing with Enamelon in order to prevent possible staining.

Premier: What do you think about the taste of Enamelon?

Dr. Mehler: I find the minty taste to be pleasant making it easy for me to use Enamelon at night before bedtime. I believe Enamelon has had a major effect on my own oral health and I am truly grateful to have found the product.

Premier: Are you recommending Enamelon to patients in your private practice?

Dr. Mehler: As a “wet fingered” 5-day/week dentist, I have also had the opportunity to recommend the product to many of my own patients who are experiencing sensitivity issues. My personal experience has been influential for my patients, and I am receiving great feedback from those who have tried it. I believe that my patients are enjoying better oral health as a result of using Enamelon. I am extremely careful though to advise my patients as to the proper use of the gel so they can achieve the best outcome in the shortest time period.

Premier: Thank you Dr. Mehler for your comments, any last thoughts?

Dr. Mehler: To date, 3 months later I have almost no sensitivity whatsoever in any part of my mouth. Presently, I’m using the product approximately 5 times a week for “maintenance”. I am recommending Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel almost daily in my practice, and it has become my go-to product when patients complain of generalized sensitivity issues.

About Dr. Shalom Mehler

Dr. Mehler graduated from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – New Jersey Dental School in 1989. He completed a one year General Practice Residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Bronx Municipal Hospital Center. He has been practicing general dentistry in Teaneck, NJ since 2004. He can be reached at CedarLaneDMD@optonline.net and on Instagram @shalommehler