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April 27, 2021 | 7:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Scaling & Root Planing During the Covid Crisis?
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Scaling & Root Planing During the Covid Crisis?

During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the essential workers in the dental field have faced relentless challenges in infection protocol, patient screening, and safe & effective periodontal instrumentation. Interpreting the CDC guidelines, as well as recommendations by the ADHA and ADA, it is our duty to carefully adjust our aerosol-production during scaling, root planning, and selective polishing.

This webinar will provide a refresher in the fundamental skills of hand scalers and curettes, with a greater attention on ideal ergonomics and efficiency. We’ll look at all of the steps and basic tips that will improve our patient’s periodontal therapy, improve hand and wrist health, help reduce anxiety, and the transmission of this disease.

• Justify the purpose of using hand instrumentation in light of the recent CDC guidelines addressing the COVID-19 crisis in dental protocol.
• Discuss the issues raised by dental practitioners/dental hygienists who are reluctant to eliminate aerosol-producing dental procedures.
• Review & Recall the key components in improving hand scaling skills.
• Identify best choices in hand instruments based on expected patient outcomes and consideration in ergonomics and efficiency.

Lil Caperila is the Manager of Professional Education and International Lecturer with Premier Dental Products for over twenty years. With 40+ years as a licensed dental hygienist and periodontal co-therapist, Lil has experienced the transformation in instrumentation during several health-related epidemics. Her teaching positions and clinical experiences provided her with the expertise in periodontal assessment, treatment planing and therapy while maintaining complex patient cases.

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