Perfecta® REV!® – 14% Hydrogen Peroxide Tooth Whitening Gel

Perfecta® REV!® – 14% Hydrogen Peroxide Tooth Whitening Gel

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Only 15 minutes, once a day to your patients’ whitest smiles!

Professional take-home tooth whitening

REV’s patented 14% hydrogen peroxide formula delivers proven whitening results with only 15 minutes, once a day wear-time.1 REV! is water-based to hydrate the teeth as it whitens and to avoid thermal sensitivity naturally.

REV! Finishing Rinse is formulated for use immediately after removing your trays. Removes residual gel from teeth and any soft tissue, enhances whitening, and it’s alcohol-free, cool mint flavor leaves the mouth clean and refreshed after every treatment.

Patients will appreciate the short wear-time and the refreshing finishing rinse.

  • Short Wear Time – 1/4 the time of the leading strips.1, 2
  • Less Sensitivity – 66% less sensitivity than the leading strips.1, 2
  • Superior Whitening – Patented technology with proven results.1
  • REV! Finishing Rinse – Specially buffered formula immediately accelerates the breakdown of the gel into its active components, providing an added boost to the final whitening effect.
  • U.S. Patents #5,922,307; 7,094,393; 6,488,914; 6,331,292, 6,958,144

REV! Patient Pak Contains:
  • 2 – 3cc syringes
  • 2 dispensing tips
  • 1 – 4oz (118.3ml) Finishing rinse
  • Patient instructions
  • Doctor instructions
You add trays and tray cases.

Each Patient Pak is a complete 2-week treatment.

4000142 REV! Patient Pak (6)
REV! Refresher Pak Contains:
  • 1 – 3cc syringe
  • 1 dispensing tip
  • 1 – 4oz (118.3ml) Finishing rinse
  • Patient instructions
Ideal for touch-ups to avoid rebound after
in-office whitening.
4000141 REV! Refresher Pak (6)

Available individually through your dealer.

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