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Ultra-passive Integrating Core Retainer

  • Safe and Secure
    The IntegraPost features an innovative round Flow-Thru-Head® and a parallel passive design to optimize the adhesive buffer zone, conserve tooth structure and minimize stress.1,2,3
  • Balances Strength with Elasticity
    Made from bio-compatible titanium alloy, the IntegraPost is stronger than resin fiber yet more elastic than stainless steel.4
  • Easy to Use
    Six post sizes and corresponding drills make post selection a simple process. IntegraPost heads are optimally sized in relation to shank length. The unique post-carrier instrument facilitates handling. Passive design minimizes stress points on root, reducing potential for root fracture. IntegraDrill is ideally sized in relation to post diameter, permitting 2.5X more cement into post space. This creates a “buffer zone” to absorb potentially stressful forces and the greater cement volume increases resistance to vertical dislodgement.5
  • Innovative Design
    Midflange and shoulder are designed to dissipate stress away from canal. The safe, nonthreaded parallel shank minimizes potential root fracture. Anti-rotational knurling locks into cement.
IntegraPost, Refill
Package of 10
3001105 Size 3 (yellow)
3001110 Size 4 (red)
3001115 Size 4.5 (purple)
3001125 Size 5 (blue)
3001130 Size 6 (green)
Integra Instruments
3001301 IP Carrier
3001305 IP Probe

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Mini Intro Kit, IntegraPost Refill – Size 3 (Yellow), IntegraPost Refill – Size 4 (Red), IntegraPost Refill – Size 4.5 (Purple), IntegraPost Refill – Size 5 (Blue), IntegraPost Refill – Size 6 (Green), IntegraDrill – Size 3 (Yellow), IntegraDrill – Size 4 (Red), IntegraDrill – Size 4.5 (Purple), IntegraDrill – Size 5 (Blue), IntegraDrill – Size 6 (Green), IntegraDrill – Assorted, IP Carrier, IP Probe

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