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Clean-A-Diamond® Mini-Squares

Clean-A-Diamond® Mini-Squares


Two Striper® Diamond Cleaning Technique

Prolong the cutting life of your diamonds by following the simple steps below. Recommended for coarse and medium grit preparation burs, the Clean-A-Diamond® Mini Square and Brite Shield enzymatic cleaner together will help keep your edge. Always use a light touch with lots of water to maximize cutting efficiency.

Hold handpiece with used / clogged Two Striper® diamond just above Clean-A-Diamond® Mini-Square.
Make a plunge cut, down sideways with handpiece and the waterspray on (never tip first). Only the diamond head section should come in contact with the stone. Avoid contact between the stone and instrument neck.
Lift rotating diamond from the surface of the stone. Clean-A-Diamond® Mini-Square can be autoclaved after use.
Further clean and protect your Two Striper® diamonds from rust and corrosion by adding Brite Shield enzymatic cleaner to your ultrasonic.
For Hard Tissue Removal: Add one scoop of Brite Shield to 1.9L (64oz) of warm water.
Stir until dissolved.
Immerse instruments in solution and clean in ultrasonic unit for 1-5 minutes.
Rinse instruments thoroughly with water and dry before sterilizing.
Package of 12

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