Premier Dental Products Company, founded in 1913 by instrument maker Julius Charlestein, is now celebrating its 100th anniversary. Today, this family-operated business is in its 4th generation and has product sales in over 75 countries, making Premier a leading brand in the world wide dental market.

Julie Charlestein, CEO and President, and her father, Gary Charlestein – Chairman, attribute dentists’ acceptance of Premier products to a simple core value – Trust. Dentists trust that Premier products will perform as promised. This has been built up over decades of proven performance and has enabled leading brands such as RC-Prep®, Hemodent®, Triple Tray® and Two Striper® brand diamonds to be preferred by more dentists. And as a result of this trust relationship with Premier dentists are open to try new Premier innovations as they become available. This has enabled novel products such as Traxodent® – hemostatic retraction paste, Enamel Pro® Varnish which delivers ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) and delivers more fluoride uptake than other varnishes, Enamel Pro® prophy paste, 2Pro® disposable prophy angles- to rapidly become preferred by dentists and hygienists alike.

Premier has not strayed far from its roots over these years, making more and more instruments today in the USA – and selling them along with all Premier products through a dealer network – for convenient availability to practicing dentists around the globe. Helping dentists offer better care to their patients by providing products that dentists trust to achieve predictable results – continues as the vision for Premier’s next century of success.


Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Business Journal