New PremierAir

Hygiene and Diagnostic Instruments

Better Function. Less Fatigue.
Introducing new PremierAir hygiene and diagnostic instruments. These innovative instruments combine comfortable, balanced, ergonomic handles with a non-slip grip that requires less pressure to maintain control—and that means less hand fatigue! PremierAir instruments are made to the highest standards by master craftsmen in the U.S.A. and feature rugged polymer handles and tested extensively to ensure a long working life.

Hygiene Instruments – exceptionally light at just 15 grams

  • Precision tips incorporate 440A steel with SmartSharp™ Technology keep edges sharp and well defined

Probex and Explorers – exceptionally light at just under 12 grams

  • Probes have recessed dark marking making them easy to read and resistant to wear
  • Explorers have excellent tactile sensitivity and sharp points for easy detection of tooth texture and surface irregularities

PremierAir - Probex


  • Under 12 grams

  • Recessed dark marking

  • Made in the USA

PremierAir - Scalers & Curettes


  • 15 grams

  • 440a Steel

  • SmartSharp™ Technology

  • Made in the USA

PremierAir - Explorers


  • Under 12 grams

  • Excellent tactile sensitivity and sharp points

  • Made in the USA