Course Description:

Tobacco use widely impacts oral and systemic health, with more diseases and mechanisms reported with each new Surgeon General’s Report. This presentation provides an overview of the impact of tobacco on oral and systemic health, and specifically addresses mechanisms of action by which smoked and smokeless tobacco affect risk and oral disease progression. An overview of the evidence for improvements in oral and systemic health following tobacco cessation is discussed, followed by the available evidence on the role, safety and efficacy of nicotine replacement therapy and other tobacco cessation products will be examined. Results of tobacco cessation programs in the dental office are also discussed.

The overall goal of this presentation is to provide dental professionals with the evidence for tobacco’s influence on oral and systemic health and efficacy of tobacco cessation.
  • List and describe oral and systemic diseases caused by or associated with the use of tobacco
  • Review the mechanisms by which tobacco influences risk and progression of periodontal disease, caries and oral cancer
  • Describe nicotine-replacement therapies and non-nicotine therapies used for tobacco cessation and their efficacy
collins_fionaFiona has presented on dental caries and prevention, xerostomia, infection control, biofilm, sensitivity, tobacco cessation, dental materials, tooth whitening, and patient compliance. During her presentations, Fiona provides practical, science-based and thought-provoking information, involving the audience with an interactive approach. Her speaking experience has taken her throughout North America, as well as to Europe, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. She has also participated as a faculty member at OSAP Boot Camps. Her writing experience has included CE articles, white papers, abstracts and newsletters. She is also a trainer and consultant, an editor for Dental Learning, and editor of the Pierre Fauchard Academy’s Dental World.

Dr. Collins is a member of the American Dental Association, ADA Standards working groups, American Association of Dental Research, Chicago Dental Society, and OSAP. She is the ADA representative to AAMI, and a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. During her career, Fiona has lived and worked in five countries, and has held positions in clinical practice, education and industry. Dr. Collins graduated as a general dentist from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and holds an MBA and an MA from Boston University in the United States.