Better Ergonomics. Less Fatigue.

Introducing new PremierAir™ single-ended diagnostic dental instruments. This innovative line of dental instruments is specially designed to reduce hand fatigue. Ergonomic and light-weight, each instrument combines a rugged polymer handle with a comfortable non-slip grip. Less pressure is needed to maintain control and that means your hands and wrists will feel the difference! Made to the highest standards by master craftspeople in the U.S.A., each instrument undergoes extensive testing to ensure a long working life. Every time.

  • Explorers have thin tips for excellent tactile sensitivity and easy detection of tooth texture and surface irregularities.
  • Probes are easy to read and resistant to wear.

Grow your business with the latest in dental innovation
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Buy any 3 PremierAir instruments and get 1 FREE!

(Free good of equal or lesser value)

PremierAir™ Single-End

  • 1003637 – PremierAir SE UNC 12
    1003633 – PremierAir SE Marquis 12
    1003635 – PremierAir SE UNC 15
    1003636 – PremierAir SE WHO
    1003634 – PremierAir SE Williams

PremierAir™ Single-End

  • 1003553 – PremierAir SE Explorer 6
    1003552 – PremierAir SE Explorer 23XT
    1003551 – PremierAir SE Explorer 23