Slix™ Composite Manipulation Instruments:

Our innovative IPC dental instrument is a comfortable and proven tool for dental staff across the globe, providing the following benefits:

  • Nonstick – Durable – Ergonomic – Autoclavable
  • The tips are treated with a revolutionary protective coating that provides superior non-stick properties and a lustrous surface for long lasting esthetic appearance.
  • No more composite sticking; dentists appreciate the easy placement and fast clean-up!
  • The ergonomic handles are manufactured from an advance technology polymer with medical-grade silicone grips.
  • “Surprisingly light” – only 16g – on the largest available handle (1/2” (1.27 cm) diameter) to reduce hand fatigue.

Contact one of our experts today and view more of Premier Dental’s industry-leading composite and plastic dental filling instruments; we’re happy to assist. We want our customers to know that we promise to go the extra mile, every time.

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