Diamond Twist SCO

Diamond Twist SCO


Intra-Oral Polishing Kit

After permanent seating and adjustments, polish crowns, inlays, onlays and nano-hybrid composites intra-orally in one easy step using Diamond Twist Super-charged Polishing Paste.

  • Use the flat or taper polishing brushes (autoclavable) for posterior occlusal surfaces.
  • Use the Micro-cloth disks for polishing and final high-gloss buffing.
  • Twist syringe avoids cross-contamination and dispenses just the right amount.
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Diamond Twist SCO Kit, Contains:
  • 1 – 3g polishing paste syringe
  • 4 – flat polishing brushes
  • 2 – tapered polishing brushes
  • 6 – 1/2″ Micro-cloth disks
  • 6 – 5/16″ Micro-cloth disks
  • 1 – RA mandrel
2019002 Diamond Twist SCO™ Kit
3g Diamond Twist SCO™
Polishing Paste (mint flavored)
Flat Polishing Brushes
FG Mandrels (not included in kit)
1/2″ Micro-Cloth Disks
Dark Blue (25/pack)
Tapered Polishing Brushes
RA Mandrels
5/16″ Micro-Cloth Disks
Light Blue (25/pack)

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Diamond Twist SCO

Diamond Twist SCO Kit, 3gm Polishing Paste, Flat Polishing Brush, Taper Polishing Brush, 1/2" Disk, 5/16" Disk, FG Mandrels

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