Enamel Pro® Prophy Paste

Enamel Pro® Prophy Paste


Indications for Use:
To be used for cleaning and polishing procedures as part of a professionally administered prophylaxis treatment.

  • Enamel Pro pastes containing fluoride are not considered a replacement of other forms of fluoride therapy.
  • Enamel Pro is for use only by individuals trained to perform a dental prophylaxis. In packages indicating that Enamel Pro contains fluoride, it is present at a concentration of 1.23% fluoride ion.
  • Provide a true benefit to your patients while your prophy provides a lustrous smile
  • Gluten-free

Intense Polish & Shine

Greater luster for whiter, brighter teeth1,2
Zygo® non-contact profilometry intensity map profiles

Enamel surface before
prophy polishing

After prophy polishing with leading prophy paste

After prophy polishing with
Enamel Pro®


Box of 200

With Fluoride
9007628 ChocHazelnut Fine
9007632 ChocHazelnut Medium
9007633 ChocHazelnut Coarse
9007630 Mixed Berry Fine
9007627 Mixed Berry Medium
9007631 Mixed Berry Coarse
epro_cinnamon9007604 Cinnamon Fine
9007605 Cinnamon Medium
9007606 Cinnamon Coarse
epro_strawberry9007607 Strawberry Fine
9007608 Strawberry Medium
9007609 Strawberry Coarse
epro_grape9007610 Grape Fine
9007611 Grape Medium
9007612 Grape Coarse
epro_bubblegum9007614 Bubblegum Fine
9007615 Bubblegum Medium
9007616 Bubblegum Coarse
epro_raspberry9007620 RaspberryMint Fine
9007621 RaspberryMint Medium
9007622 RaspberryMint Coarse
epro_vanillamint9007617 VanillaMint Fine
9007618 VanillaMint Medium
9007619 VanillaMint Coarse
epro_mint9007600 Mint Fine
9007601 Mint Medium
9007602 Mint Coarse
9007603 Mint Extra Coarse
Without Fluoride
9007613 Mint Coarse
Each box of Enamel Pro® contains 200 single-use cups, packaged in a foil bag and includes a Comfy-Grip™ prophy cup holder.

®Zygo is not a registered trademark of Premier® Dental.

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Bubblegum, ChocHazelnut, Cinnamon, Grape, Mint, Mint (without fluoride), Mixed Berry, RaspberryMint, Strawberry, VanillaMint


Coarse, Extra-Coarse, Fine, Medium