AeroPro® Cordless Handpiece

AeroPro® Cordless Handpiece


AeroPro® Delivers Prophy Peace of Mind!

Mobility. Choice. Control.

During this ‘New Normal,’ AeroPro’s light-weight, ergonomic cordless and pedal-less handpiece gives you the mobility you want, the choice of prophy angles you like, and the control you need. While it’s not possible to completely eliminate aerosols, AeroPro’s low-speed option provides constant, effective cleaning while helping to reduce the amount of aerosols, especially compared to the risk of over-spinning when using a rheostat-driven handpiece.

Additionally, AeroPro’s innovative design helps reduce hand fatigue by allowing you to rotate the angle 360’ for improved intraoral access and comfort. Its quick-touch button enables fingertip control for easy switching between low and high speeds. Its quiet yet powerful motor maintains a consistent speed during polishing—no extra pressure required. ChargeSMART™ Battery Technology gives you long-lasting power to get through the workday.

And yes, AeroPro ® is CDC-compliant with a convenient infection prevention protocol. Best of all, your patients get a great polish.


  • Total mobility with no cord drag or rheostat – less hip, leg & foot fatigue
  • Long-lasting ChargeSMART™ battery – gets you through the day!


  • Works with Premier 2pro® & most DPAs – no getting locked into one brand
  • Control

    • Helps reduce aerosols – slow, steady speed option reduces splatter
    • Ergonomic, lightweight, well-balanced design – helps reduce hand fatigue
    • Rotatable prophy angle – 360° intraoral access & comfort
    • CDC-compliant – convenient tested & approved infection prevention protocol

    Register Your AeroPro
    5500500 AeroPro® – Basic Kit
    • 1 Motor Component
    • 1 Autoclavable Outer Sheath
    • 1 Charging Station
    • 1 AC Adapter
    • 1 Box of 500 Disposable Barriers
    5500510 AeroPro® – Complete Package
    • 1 Motor Component
    • 3 Autoclavable Outer Sheaths
    • 1 Charging Station
    • 1 AC Adapter
    • 1 Box of 500 Disposable Barriers
    5500520 AeroPro® – Autoclavable Outer Sheath (1)
    5500530 AeroPro® – Disposable Barriers (500)
    There are five indicator lights: one red, one yellow and three green. Each light represents approximately 20% of battery charge.
    When red light quick flashes, the voltage is very low. The handpiece cannot be used. Place in charging station immediately
    Handpiece MUST be sitting on the charging station. Hold ON/OFF/Mode button for 3 sec. The unit will beep 6 times and indicator lights will flash 6 times. See Section 4.7 for locking the handpiece.
    Handpiece MUST be removed from the charging station. Press and Hold ON/OFF/Mode button for 3 seconds. The unit will beep 6 times and indicator lights will flash 6 times. See Section 4.2 for unlocking the handpiece.
    Turn off the rotation. Hold the power button down for 3 seconds.
    • When switching from 2-speed to 3-speed: 3 green indicator lights flash and beep three times
    • When switching from 3-speed to 2-speed: 2 green indicator lights flash and beep 2 times
    (See Section 4.5 for Changing Speed Modes instructions)
    Yes. AeroPro uses ChargeSMART™ Battery Technology therefore; an excessive number of charging times will NOT cause premature battery decay.
    Auto turn off of the handpiece will occur for the following reasons:
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Overheating Protection
    • Low Battery Charge
    • Handpiece not in use for 20 seconds (Sleep Mode)
    • Handpiece is on continuously for 10 minutes

    Additional information


    AeroPro Basic Kit, AeroPro Complete Package

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