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Enamel Pro® Prophy Paste

Enamel Pro® Prophy Paste


Indications for Use:
To be used for tooth cleaning and polishing procedures as part of a professionally administered periodontal prophylaxis treatment.

  • Enamel Pro prophy pastes containing fluoride prophylaxis are not considered a replacement of other forms of fluoride therapy.
  • Enamel Pro professional tooth polisher is for use only by individuals trained to perform a dental prophylaxis. In packages indicating that Enamel Pro contains fluoride prophylaxis, it is present at a concentration of 1.23% fluoride ion.
  • Provide a true benefit to your patients while your prophy paste provides a lustrous smile
  • Gluten-free

Intense Enamel Polish & Shine

Greater luster for whiter, brighter teeth1,2
Zygo® non-contact profilometry intensity map profiles

Enamel Surface Before Enamel Pro

Enamel surface before
prophy polishing

After Dental Prophy Polishing With Leading Periodontal Prophylaxis Paste

After prophy polishing with leading prophy paste

After Prophy Polishing

After prophy polishing with
Enamel Pro®

Premier CE-30The Dental Advisor Award Dental Advisor Preferred Prophy Paste

Box of 200

With Fluoride
Enamel Pro ChocHazelnut9007632 ChocHazelnut Medium
9007633 ChocHazelnut Coarse
Enamel Pro Mixed Berry9007630 Mixed Berry Fine
9007627 Mixed Berry Medium
9007631 Mixed Berry Coarse