T-LOC Triple Tray®

T-LOC Triple Tray®


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T-LOC Triple Tray® – Adhesive-free Dual-arch Impression Trays

  • Patented adhesive-free design – Retention tracks mechanically lock in material, eliminating the need for adhesives.
  • Easier handling – Large, ergonomic handles simplify loading of the tray, enable easy transfer between assistant and dentist.
  • Thin, loose webbing, identical to Triple Tray, maximizes intercuspation of the teeth to ensure an accurate bite.
  • Greater rigidity in posterior crossbar due to the use of a new, novel polymer.
  • Ensures accuracy and saves time – Low sides, thin posterior bar and wide impression areas avoid impingement when the patient closes.

U.S. Patent #6,749,428

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tloc-posteriorT-LOC Triple Tray
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tloc-3quarterT-LOC Triple Tray
Three-Quarter Arch
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