Hemodent® Paste Retraction System

Provides predictable hemostasis and soft-tissue management in minutes!

Your choice of easy application

  • Sleek syringe with bendable tips
  • Ergonomic unit dose dispenser and capsule
Traxodent - Number 1 Retraction Paste
Dental Product Shopper Best Product

Traxodent is gentle, absorbent and fast.2

The soft paste produces gentle pressure on the sulcus while it absorbs excess crevicular fluid and blood. The aluminum chloride creates an astringent effect without irritating or discoloring surrounding tissue. Traxodent provides predictable hemostasis and retraction in less time and with greater comfort.

Traxodent rinses clean without leaving a film

Traxodent strong affinity to aqueous solutions allows the paste to be rinsed away easily and cleanly. Unlike other paste3, Traxodent will not leave material behind that will interfere with downstream procedures such as bonding agents.

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Product Selection

Traxodent Unit Dose Pack - Contains:

  • 24 - capsules

9007094 Traxodent Unit Dose Pack

Traxodent Unit Dose Syringe Dispenser

  • 3 - unit dose syringe dispensers

9007089 Traxodent Unit Dose Syringe Dispensers

Traxodent Value Pack - Contains:

  • 25 - syringes
  • 50 - tips

9007091 Traxodent Value Pack

Traxodent Starter Pack - Contains:

  • 7 - syringes
  • 15 - tips

9007093 Traxodent Starter Pack


  • 50 - applicator tips

9007092 - Applicator Tips

Enhance Retraction with Premier Retraction Caps.

Clinical Versatility

Ideal for Digital Impressioning

After preparing the tooth, applying Traxodent, placing a retraction cap, and waiting 2-3 minutes -the prep was rinsed, dried and digital impressions were scanned. The scans were then sent to the dental laboratory for creation of the definitive crown.

Photos courtesy of Jason Goodchild, DMD

Place retraction cap on prep; have patient bite down on cap for 2-3 minutes. Rinse & dry before scanning.

View of the prepared tooth

View of the occlusal reduction

Crown & Bridge with Retraction Cap

Using a retraction cap with Traxodent for crown and bridge procedures simplifies moving the paste into the sulcus and provides an atraumatic method for greater retraction. The pressure from the cap quickens and assists hemostasis while the absorbent cotton cap soaks up the fluid in the sulcus. Additionally, the cap quickly brings Traxodent into close contact with the hemorrhaging tissue, which allows the astringent properties to work faster.

Photos courtesy of Dean Elledge, DDS, MS UMKC School of Dentistry

Traxodent Technique

Place retraction cap on prep; have patient bite down on cap for 2 minutes

Traxodent Technique

Tooth is prepared for a clean impression.

Crown & Bridge with Retraction Cord

Traxodent is ideal to replace the second cord in the double cord technique. This technique saves time and lessens the discomfort to the patient while providing greater retraction. Traxodent easily rinses away, eliminating the occurrence of break-through bleeding when removing the second cord.

Photos courtesy of Dean Elledge, DDS, MS

Traxodent Technique

A single retraction cord is packed around the preps.

Traxodent Technique

Place Traxodent over the cord. Wait 2 minutes.

Loose Tissue

For difficult tissue that will not stay retracted, Traxodent can be used with retraction cord and cap.

Photos courtesy of William Crinzy, DDS MS UMKC School of Dentistry

Traxodent Technique

Cord is placed.

Traxodent Technique

Place retraction cap on prep; have patient bite down on cap for 2 minutes.

Traxodent Technique

Impression with well-defined margins

CAD-CAM & Laser Assist Gingival Tissue Procedures

Traxodent is suitable to displace the gingiva before a CAD-CAM scan to get a crisp image without the soft tissue obscuring the view of the margin. Dentists who use lasers for retraction can benefit from Traxodent as it provides excellent post-op hemostasis after laser troughing.

Photos courtesy of Dr. Curtis E. Jansen, DDS

Traxodent Technique

Traxodent is applied around prepared tooth.

Traxodent Technique

After 2 minutes, Traxodent easily rinses away.

Traxodent Technique

Final CAD-CAM restoration.

Routine Hemostasis

Traxodent offers a convenient and effective way to stop and control blood and crevicular seepage for all routine hemostasis procedures. The bendable tips can be positioned for areas that are difficult to reach. It is easy to dispense at the site of bleeding and will stay put, giving the astringent properties of the aluminum chloride a chance to stop the bleeding while providing temporary shrinkage of tissue without additional tissue trauma. The absorbent clay base has an affinity towards oral fluids and blood. It will draw in fluids and easily washes away leaving a clean field behind.

Photos courtesy of Richard H. Nagelberg, DDS, PC

Traxodent Technique

Old restoration is removed.

Traxodent Technique

After 2 minutes, bleeding is stopped and field is isolated.


Additional information

Traxodent options:

Value Pack, Starter Pack, Applicator Tips, Unit Dose Pack (24), Unit Dose Syringe Dispenser (3)

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