811037 – Barrel

811037 – Barrel


Shape Number2137
Minor Diametern/a
Major Diameter3.7mm
Abrasive Length7mm

Each box contains 25 individual, sterilized pouches.


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Solo Diamond® – Single-patient use, sterilized diamonds
  • Gamma-sterilized and individually packaged to improve infection control
  • Convenient, fast tooth preparation with a fresh, always sharp cutting instrument
  • CE- Marked, manufactured and sterilized in the U.S.A. to ISO standards
Not all disposables are created equal!

Premier Solo single patient-use, sterile diamonds are manufactured and sterilized in the U.S.A.

Sterilization is guaranteed. Quarterly dose audits on file: validation summary reports gamma radiation (Cobalt 60)

  • Bioburden Test
  • Irradiation Levels
  • Sterility Test
  • 5-Year accelerated aging test supports the claim of “sterile until opened”.

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