Luminescence PLUS!

Luminescence PLUS!


Diamond Polishing Paste for Patient Comfort + All-Surface Esthetics

  • All-Surface Polishing Paste
    composite + porcelain + enamel + glass ionomer + precious metals + amalgam
  • Single-Grit/Single-Step Diamond Polishing Paste – saves chair-time
  • Increase Patient Comfort – contains potassium nitrate topical desensitizer
  • Convenient – screw-tube dispenser + improved viscosity eliminates waste

To learn more about Luminescence PLUS™! and our other diamond polishing pastes, be sure to contact one of our dental industry experts today; we’re happy to assist. We want our customers to know that we promise to go the extra mile, every time.

2014208 Luminescence Plus! Gel (3g)

(Not available in Canada)

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Luminescence Plus

Plus Gel (3gm), RA Mandrels (2), Applicators (50)