X769.10Z – TSZtech – Parallel Cylinder Round-End

X769.10Z – TSZtech – Parallel Cylinder Round-End


Shape NumberX769.10Z
Minor Diameter.7mm
Major Diameter1.8mm
Abrasive Length10mm

One per pack.

1. SDM Data 2019


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Two Striper® Diamonds – Multi-use

All diamond burs are not created equal

Always the Diamond Standard, Two Striper® lasts longer and delivers faster, cooler cutting than electroplated multi-use brands. Which means fewer burs, less chair time and happier patients. Made from a select grade of natural diamonds, only Two Striper burs are developed with a proprietary P.B.S.® brazing process that is recognized as the best bonding system in the industry. You can count on Two Striper® for efficient, predictable results.

Two Striper: Better Value = Dentist’s #1 Choice1

  • Cuts faster & cooler – less chair time, happier patients
  • Lasts longer – than ‘bargain’ multi-use diamonds
  • Proprietary P.B.S.® brazing process – sharper diamonds that stay put!
Don’t be fooled by ‘bargain’ burs!

The P.B.S. Braze Difference

Recognized as the best bonding system in the industry, the P.B.S.® brazing process maximizes the exposure of diamond-cutting surfaces — especially at the areas of the instrument where most cutting occurs. Crystals, placed evenly and precisely in a uniform matrix, are fused to a surgical-grade stainless-steel shank. This ensures a precise, faster, cooler cutting performance. It also ensures that crystals won’t fall out, so your Two Striper burs will last longer and require fewer replacements over the course of the year. Now that’s quality … and quality equals value.

The Experts Prove Two Striper is Best!


  • Highest rated all ceramic-cutting especially effective on today’s new generation of tougher ceramic materials.
  • Those materials include but are not limited to:
  • IPS e.max®
  • BruxZir®
  • Lava™ Plus
  • Cercon®
  • Zirlux® FC
  • Obsidian
  • IPS Empress
  • Procera®
  • Lava™ Ultimate
  • TSZtech® Contraindications – Will not cut or separate metal.
  • Recommended for Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate.


® IPS e.max, BruxZir, Cercon, Zirlux FC, IPS Empress, Procera are not registered trademarks and Lava Plus, Lava Ultimate and Obsidia are not trademarks of Premier Dental Products Company.

Intra-oral Adjustments


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Image courtesy of Shalom Mehler D.M.D.

Atraumatic Crown and Bridge Removal


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Section and Remove

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Endodontic Access


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