CompCore AF Dual-Cure

CompCore AF Dual-Cure


Fluoride-Releasing, Automix Dental Composite Core Build-up Material

  • Advanced Formula, Dual-Cure CompCore AF
    Provides exceptional performance and the enhanced light-curing properties save considerable time. If light-curing is not an option – allow CompCore AF to self-cure in 4.5 minutes intraorally!
  • Improved natural appearance
    The greater translucency of the enhanced CompCore AF presents a more natural tooth appearance which minimizes the chance of shadows under ceramic crowns- yet provides good contrast and excellent radiopacity.
  • Outstanding handling for ease of use
    CompCore AF Stack will stay put – even in difficult maxillary core build-ups, yet flows under pressure for excellent adaptation. Preps like dentin without ditching.
  • Superior durability for peace of mind
    CompCore AF dental composite core build-up material utilizes exclusive Hyperbranched Technology1 and nano-fillers for superior mechanical properties and long term clinical success – available in automix SyringeMix and cartridge dispensers.

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SyringeMix STACK: Dual-Cure/Automix
  • 2 – 9g automix syringes
  • 15 – mix-tips
  • 15 – standard intraoral tips
  • 10 – extra-fine intraoral tips
3001512 Shade White
3001513 Shade A3
3001514 Shade Blue
Cartridge STACK: Dual-Cure/Automix
  • 1 – 50g cartridge
  • Type-25 gun
  • 4ml each IntegraBond & Auto-cure Activator
  • 25 – mix-tips
  • 25 – intraoral tips
3001430 Intro Kit / Shade White
3001431 Intro Kit / Shade A3
Cartridge Refills
  • 1 – 50g cartridge
  • 25 – mix-tips
  • 25 – intraoral tips
3001432 Shade White
3001433 Shade A3
3001418 SyringeMix Mix-Tips & Intraoral Tips (35)
3001468 SyringeMix Extra-Fine Intraoral Tips (50)
3001416 Applicator Gun, Type-25
3001417 Cartridge Mix-Tips & Intraoral Tips (35)

Bonding Agent

(use only bonding agents compatible with dual-cure composites, such as IntegraBond)


1. Clean and dry prepared tooth surface.
2. Apply 37% phosphoric acid to the cavo surface for 10 to 15 seconds.
3. Rinse and dry cavo surface, do not desiccate the tooth.
4. Apply first coat of IntegraBond™ on prepared cavo surface. Allow to sit for 15 seconds, and then air dry.
Apply 2 to 3 more coats; without waiting, dry again after last application.
5. Light-cure for 20 seconds

Core Build-Up


1. Bleed syringe. Assemble intraoral tip to mix-tip, attach to syringe and bleed tip.
2. Place intraoral tip into the base of the prepared tooth and dispense. Let material rise around the tip while withdrawing to eliminate air bubbles.
3.Light-cure for 30 seconds. If the core is larger than 8mm, light-cure for at least an additional 10 seconds.*

Check for complete hardness. The preparation can be finished immediately. Alternately, the core can be chemical-cured, final set-time is 4.5 minutes.

  • CompCore AF

Additional information

CompCore AF

SyringeMix STACK – White, SyringeMix STACK – A3, SyringeMix STACK – Blue, Cartridge STACK – Intro Kit in White, Cartridge STACK – Intro Kit in A3, Cartridge Refill – White, Cartridge Refill – A3, Twist Stack in White, Twist Stack in A3, SyringeMix Mix-Tips & Intraoral Tips, SyringeMix Extra-Fine Intraoral Tips, Applicator Gun, Type-25, Cartridge Mix-Tips & Intraoral Tips

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