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Spot-On Etch

Spot-On Etch


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37% Phosphoric Acid Dentin/Enamel Etch Gel

Spot-On Etch no slump viscosity will stay-put. Only etch the areas you desire!

Spot-On Etch is a 37% high viscosity phosphoric etch gel for all your routine and selective-etch dental procedures. It’s designed with enhanced viscosity that will prevent it from dripping or slumping. Spot-On Etch easily flows through a small applicator tip, washes off readily and resists drying out.

Key benefits

  • Ideal for routine etching and selective-etch dental procedures
  • Blue color provides a strong contrast to enamel and dentin
  • No slump formula
  • Easy handling
  • Rinses clean without leaving residue
Spot-On Etch Bulk, contains:
  • 1 – 12g syringe
  • 10 – Empty 1.2ml syringes
  • 50 – applicator tips
3001460 Spot-On Etch Bulk
Spot-On Etch Intro, contains:
  • 5 – 1.2ml syringes
  • 20 – applicator tips
3001461 Spot-On Etch Intro

Additional information

Spot-On Etch

Intro, Bulk

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