Premier® Dental’s new bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant featuring SmartCap® Technology1 provides relentless protection, outstanding adhesion and extended fluoride release.

Maximize your protection with BioCoat Bioactive Resin Pit and Fissure Sealant!

SmartCap® Technology, developed in partnership with Creighton University, utilizes patented semi-permeable resin microcapsules. In Premier’s BioCoat® sealant, the rechargeable SmartCap microcapsules are filled with ionic solutions of fluoride, calcium and phosphate, which diffuse in and out of the sealant. Studies have shown that even at six months, ion release continues at a significant rate.

Compared to other dental sealants, Premier BioCoat® Sealant offers dental professionals:

  • Greater fluoride uptake in the presence of calcium and phosphate ions strengthens enamel
  • Remineralization compounds provide an extra line of defense during acid attacks
  • Excellent retention seal margins against microleakage

New! Opaque Shade with Fluorescence

BioCoat with Fluorescence

SmartCap Technology from Premier Dental

The rechargeable SmartCap microcapsules are filled with ionic solutions of fluoride, calcium, and phosphate.

Outstanding Barrier Protection

BioCoat® sealant is a filled resin formula that provides added strength and excellent long-term resistance to wear compared to other dental sealants. The resin formula is very resistant to oral solubility, a problem glass ionomer and resin filled glass ionomers sealants cannot overcome.

Filled & High Compressive Strength

  • Durable, resists cracking, chipping, and fractures
  • Lowers polymerization shrinkage and gap formation
  • Maintains a smooth surface to avoid accumulation of plaque and debris

Excellent Flowability

  • Penetrates and adapts into the smallest pits and fissures for a secure seal
  • Highly retentive
  • Bubble-free application

Bisphenol A (BPA)
BioCoat® Bioactive Resin Pit and Fissure Sealant is not formulated with Bisphenol A (BPA)

Award-winning BioCoat, a bioactive pit & fissure sealant

Figure A – Dye Penetration Microleakage Study2

BioCoat’s Thixotropic properties allows for thorough penetration and adaptation into even the tiniest pits and fissures. No dye penetration indicates no microleakage.

Figure B – Schematic of clinical situation seen in Figure A

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United States Patent Numbers: 9,119,774, 8, 889,161, 8,735,463

Product Selection

3001530 Standard Pack, Shade: White
Contains: one 1.2ml syringe,  5 disposable applicator tips

3001531 Value Pack, Shade: White
Contains: Four 1.2ml syringes, 20 disposable applicator tips

3001532 Bulk Pack, Shade: White
Contains: Twenty 1.2ml syringes

3001535 Applicator Tips
Contains: 100 disposable applicator tips


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Standard Pack, Value Pack, Bulk Pack, Applicator Tips

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