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Introducing AeroPro


The New Standard in Cordless Prophy Systems

Mobility. Choice. Control.
YES, you can have it all!

With AeroPro™ you can now offer accounts a light-weight, ergonomic cordless and pedal-less handpiece that gives them the mobility they want, the choice of prophy angles they like, and the control they need. Based on extensive input from dental professionals, AeroPro’s innovative design helps reduce hand fatigue. Its quiet yet powerful motor maintains a consistent speed during polishing—no extra pressure required. ChargeSMART™ Battery Technology gives them long-lasting power to get through the workday. AeroPro™ is CDC-compliant with a convenient infection prevention protocol. Best of all, patients get a great polish. Every Time.

Sell AeroPro with confidence.
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  • Total mobility with no cord drag or rheostat – less hip, leg & foot fatigue
  • Long-lasting ChargeSMART™ battery – gets you through the day!


  • Works with Premier 2pro® & most DPAs – no getting locked into one brand
  • Choose speed with quick-touch button – no excessive pressure on teeth


  • Ergonomic, light-weight, well-balanced design – helps reduce hand fatigue
  • Rotatable prophy angle – 360º intraoral access & comfort
  • CDC-compliant – convenient tested & approved infection prevention protocol

AeroPro™ Complete Package - 5500500

  • Contains: 1 motor component, 3 autoclavable outer sheaths, 1 charging station, 1 AC adapter, 1 stand, 1 box of 500 disposable barriers, 288 2pro disposable prophy angles and accessories

AeroPro™ Basic Kit -

  • Contains: 1 motor component, 1 autoclavable outer sheath, 1 charging station, 1 AC adapter, 1 stand, 1 box of 500 disposable barriers, 48 2pro disposable prophy angles and accessories

AeroPro™ Autoclavable Outer Sheath - 5500520

  • $199.00

AeroPro™ Disposable Barriers (Box of 500) 5500530

  • $39.99

Product Availability April/May.
Basic kit available in April; Complete System in May.
To help manage initial inventory, Premier will drop ship to your customers at no charge – until July.