Impregnated Knitted Cord

Unique Knitted Microfiber with Superior Absorbency!

Knit-Pak+ is an impregnated gingival retraction cord created from unique knitted microfibers. The fibers are distinguished by having very low moisture content with high durability and retention properties. These attributes create a dental gingival retraction cord with superior absorbency and a fray resistant pliable structure.

  • Aluminum chloride impregnated cord (AICI3-6H2O)
  • Easily packs into sulcus
  • Cuts clean – will not entangle in dental burs
  • Lint and particle free
  • 100 inches (254cm) per container

Aluminum chloride impregnated cord


A ceramic cutting blade inside the cap automatically cuts the retraction cord upon closing firmly.


The retraction cord piece is held by the cap until removed, preventing it from dropping. Protects gingival retraction cord piece and container from cross-contamination.

Item Number Size Color
9007560 000.0 Dark Green
9007561 000 Green
9007562 00 Brown
9007563 0 Purple
9007564 1 Blue
9007565 2 Orange

Each Knit-Pak+ contains 100 inches (254 cm) of cord.

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Knit-Pak Plus

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