Single-Gel Diamond Polishing

Polish all surfaces in half the time!

Luminescence is a patented, single-gel diamond polishing system. In less than two minutes, you can polish the surface of all restorative materials: composite, glass ionomer, compomer, amalgam, precious metal and enamel. Even porcelain achieves a lustrous surface in only minutes due to the optimal concentration of micron-sized diamond particles.

“Optimum Polishing results on the CAD/CAM Vita Mark II ceramic.”1
“Adjustment finishing with a Two Striper MF2 or MF3 alone, or as a final finishing stage after using a more coarse finishing diamond, followed by a 60-second polishing sequence with Luminescence diamond gel, was an effective procedure for optimum polishing results on the CAD-CAM Vita Mark II ceramic.”

Vita Mark II Ceramic


Pre-finish surface reference

Vita Mark II


Final surface appearance after MF2 Diamond finish and Luminescence application

Luminescence Intro Kit, Contains:
  • 1 – 3g syringe of Luminescence gel
  • 50 – applicators
  • 2 – RA mandrels
2019002 Luminescence Intro Kit

Additional information


Intro Kit, Gel (3gm), RA Mandrels (2), Applicators (5)

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