What Inspires Premier?

Listen to Julie Charlestein, CEO and President of Premier, discuss how the company is connecting with the oral health professionals in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

And, learn more about Premier’s focus on creating “inspired solutions for daily dentistry” by embracing four pillars: forging deep connections with dental professionals, pursuing meaningful innovation of dental solutions; delivering solutions with proven effectiveness and undeniable success; and providing products that set the standard for the dental industry.

For over 100 years, Dental professionals, world-wide, have turned to Premier Dental Products Company for quality and state-of-the-art solutions to improve their daily procedures and practices.

These innovative and proven solutions/products include: RC-Prep®, Traxodent®, Hemodent®, Triple Tray®, Enamel Pro®, Enamelon®, BioCoat®, Solo Diamond® and Two Striper® brand diamonds. And can be found in dentists’ offices around the world.

Premier will continue to lead the industry and invest in innovations and develop products to exceed the expectations of dental professionals and their patients all over the world.

And from consistently reliable product performance to outstanding customer service, Premier is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. The company continuously looks for ways to make the end-to-end customer experience even stronger. To that end, The Premier Promise is the company’s pledge to go the extra mile for our customers, every time.

Premier is a family-owned business, founded in 1913 and led by the Charlestein family for four generations. With product sales in 75 countries, Premier Dental is one of the most trusted names in dentistry.

®Two Striper is a registered trademark of the manufacturer,
Abrasive Technology, Inc.