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Premier® Universal Primer

Premier® Universal Primer


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Zirconia and Glass Ceramics, Metal and Composite Primer

New Premier® Universal Primer, a Dental Advisor ‘Preferred Product,’ is a single-component dental bonding product that increases the retention between restorative substrates and resin dental cements. The primer contains dual coupling agents, 10-MDP and silane methacrylate for increased bond strength to zirconium, alumina, glass-ceramics, metal alloys and composites. Premier Universal Primer is easy to use and because no pretreatment of the restoration is required, you can complete the cementation procedure quickly and efficiently. Premier Universal Primer improves adhesion, saves time in your workflow and helps dental professionals deliver long-term clinical success. Every time.

  • Ideal retention for zirconia, alumina, metal, glass ceramics + composite materials
  • Dual coupling agents provides versatility and work with all substrates
  • Easy to use – just apply, wait 60 seconds, and dry
  • No pretreatment of restoration required
  • Can be used with adhesive and self-adhesive resin cement to achieve maximum bond strength for cases that require additional retention (e.g. short and/or over tapered preparations).

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3001568 Premier® Universal Primer – 5ml

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